Franchise Efforts

Current Efforts

AAHOA has always been a resource and an advocate on behalf of franchisees with their respective brands. We remain in regular contact with brand leadership for each franchise brand to encourage a strong, ongoing relationship, sharing ideas and best practices, and always keeping the perspective of hotel owners at the forefront of our efforts.

Our franchise relations initiatives are derived in part from the regular feedback of a variety of AAHOA committees, franchise-specific AAHOA focus groups comprised of AAHOA Members who own those brands, our Ambassadors and Board Members, franchise advisory councils with which we align, and from our members. These important resources provide valuable feedback on current issues, challenges, and concerns.

In 2023, AAHOA launched the 4 Pillars for Franchise Advocacy, which represent the primary issues for which AAHOA advocates on behalf of member hoteliers. Watch the explainer video here.

Resurgence of interest in AAHOA’s 12 Points of Fair Franchising

In this post-pandemic world, there has been a resurgence of interest in fair franchising and, more specifically, AAHOA’s 12 Points of Fair Franchising. While many presume this is an issue solely between AAHOA hotel franchisees and their franchisors, it’s really more about working toward a sustainable business model for all stakeholders and for a better guest experience.

For franchisees to provide an extraordinary guest experience, they need to have viable profit margins that allow them to invest in the business to deliver these high-quality experiences. They also need the options and choices to offer such guest experiences at a fair and reasonable price. 

Together, we can work toward a more sustainable business model for all stakeholders and for a better guest experience. The 12 Points will help us achieve a stronger future for all.

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Advocate with Your Voice

In addition to AAHOA’s continued and expanded commitments in this area, each AAHOA Member plays a critical role in franchise relations. Be proactive. Read messages from your brand so you know exactly what they are doing, remain in contact with your fellow hoteliers, advisory councils, be in touch with your brand leadership, attend brand events, and use your voice as hotel owners. You are your own best advocate when it comes to franchise relations because it is each of you who has the contract with your franchisor.

And don’t forget, make it a part of your business plan to read your communications from AAHOA and attend AAHOA events on franchising topics. AAHOA hosts hundreds of events each year to benefit franchisees and connect franchisees to the industry through Regional Conferences & Trade Shows, local Town Halls, and special advocacy meetings such as the Legislative Action Summit. Together, we can have an impact.

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