Opening Doors for Women in Hospitality aims to foster, promote, and empower women entrepreneurs to shatter the glass ceiling and pursue their entrepreneurial journey.

Launched in 2022, HerOwnership offers networking and educational opportunities for women hoteliers and hospitality industry professionals, and supports all women in their hotel ownership endeavors and aspirations, helping to ensure more stability and opportunities for generations of women to come.
Upcoming HerOwnership Events
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2023 AAHOA HerOwnership Conference & Retreat

AAHOA's 2023 HerOwnership event, taking place November 2-3 in Dallas, TX, will focus on helping you elevate your career, determine your next steps, and inspire your journey.

Learn more about how you can join AAHOA's engaged community of women hoteliers for two days packed with incredible insights into hospitality, entrepreneurship, leadership development, and wellness techniques to help you balance it all and take your business to the next level.
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Each woman has a unique journey, and the AAHOA HerOwnership program wants to share your story.

Fill out our form to share what being a woman in the hospitality industry means to you, advice you would give to the next generation of women hotel owners, and your biggest challenges and how you've overcome them.

Submit your story today for a chance to be featured in our HerOwnership campaign!
Women at the Table

During AAHOACON22, an esteemed panel was held with some of AAHOA's female leaders on how women can achieve a successful hospitality career. Panelists included AAHOA Past Chair Jagruti Panwala (2019-2020); Lina Patel, Female Director Eastern Division; Tejal N. Patel, Female Director Western Division; and Tina Patel, AAHOA Lifetime Member of Fairbrook Hotels.

Check out the full video to learn about how these trailblazing women balance their personal and professional lives, how AAHOA has shaped each of them as a woman hotelier, and advice on how to champion other women in the hospitality industry.

Featured Content

Reflecting on strides women have made in the industry and the progress still to come for the association.

In  this article from Today’s Hotelier , we feature the personal stories from AAHOA’s women leaders, who stand on the shoulders of those who came before them while carrying the torch for those who will come after.

Opening Doors for
Women in Hospitality

“AAHOA has been proud to celebrate the important work women are doing at every level of hospitality, and this initiative further underscores our commitment to the women of AAHOA and elevating their contributions to the industry,” said AAHOA President & CEO Laura Lee Blake. 

"HerOwnership brings value and creates a better experience for the women in the hotel industry to move forward. Women hoteliers will always receive comments, reactions, and feedback as they grow in the industry. HerOwnership is here to help women navigate the ownership journey and help them learn to discern which feedback would be most helpful in improving their performance," said AAHOA Women Hoteliers Director, Eastern Division Purnima Patel.

“I want women to embrace the opportunity to step into the vibrant world of the hotel industry with HerOwnership. Your journey toward success isn't just about personal growth; it's a beacon of hope and empowerment for others. Let's walk this path together, lifting each other up, fostering a community where every woman's voice is heard, and dreams are realized. Your presence matters, and together, we can create a future where women empower, inspire, and thrive," said AAHOA Women Hoteliers Director, Western Division Shetal Zina Patel.
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