Franchise Relations is essential to AAHOA becoming the foremost advocate and resource for our franchisee members, and we are committed to the success of hoteliers. We serve the interests of our franchisee members with their brands and aim to be the subject-matter expert on operations, franchising, and development.

It is important to be respected and stay connected with brand leaders in order to advocate on the behalf of Hoteliers. Without such capabilities there can be no outcomes. Such outcomes are important for the survival of hotels across the country.

AAHOA has significantly increased one-on-one contacts with every brand leader. It is from these conversations AAHOA has been influential in the pausing of PIPS, cycle renovations, QA, training, guest surveys and satisfaction, loyalty enrollments, F&B, and the fees associated with each.
AAHOA has always been a resource and an advocate on behalf of franchisees with their respective brands. We remain in regular contact with brand leadership for each franchise brand to encourage a strong, ongoing relationship, sharing ideas and best practices, and always keeping the perspective of hotel owners at the forefront of our efforts.
In 1998, AAHOA introduced the Points of Fair Franchising and continues to update the points in an effort to educate our members about important provisions in your franchise agreements and to ensure that franchisors act in a fair and reasonable manner when dealing with their franchisees.
AAHOA thrives because of the efforts of our volunteers. If you would like to get involved, consider applying to serve on our board, on a committee, or as an ambassador.
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The following Industry Partners provide generous ongoing support to AAHOA and our membership. We sincerely appreciate our Industry Partners' contributions to the association and the industry.
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