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There are an estimated 25 million to 40 million victims of trafficking worldwide, with an estimated 50,000 new victims being brought into the U.S. each year. And the COVID-19 pandemic has only worsened many of the  conditions that lead to the trafficking  of vulnerable populations.
As hoteliers, we are in a prime position to lead the fight against  sex and labor trafficking  and that is precisely what we have been doing. AAHOA has long been at the forefront of the hospitality industry’s battle against human trafficking.
Exclusive Training for
AAHOA Members
AAHOA is committed to promoting awareness of human trafficking by educating hoteliers and their employees on how to spot and report suspected instances of human trafficking.
AAHOA offers BEST Inhospitable to Human Trafficking Training, Sponsored by AAHOA, completely digital and free for all AAHOA Members and their employees. Trafficking not only destroys lives, it also can destroy livelihoods. Don’t wait. Get trained today to save lives and protect your business.
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Hotel owners and their employees are in a position to make a real difference in stopping this despicable crime – but only if they know what signs to look for and how to respond. Proper training can be the difference between life and death for a trafficking victim. AAHOA remains committed to empowering hotel owners and hospitality professionals to help keep trafficking out of their hotels and their communities
– Neal Patel, Immediate Past AAHOA Chairman (2022-2023)
Did You
  • Overall, AAHOA has trained nearly 7,000 people to recognize the signs of trafficking through our Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) Inhospitable to Human Trafficking Training Sponsored by AAHOA program.
  • Our goal is to have 100% of our members and their employees trained in human trafficking awareness and prevention.
  • AAHOA developed partnerships with the Department of Homeland Security's Blue Campaign, Polaris, and Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking (BEST) to provide education and resources to hoteliers.
  • AAHOA also is committed to working with victims' rights groups and lawmakers at the state and federal levels to support laws giving both hoteliers and prosecutors more tools to stop the victimization of men, women, and children in human trafficking.
  • Almost every state in the country requires/encourages human trafficking training or the posting of the National Human Trafficking Hotline information in hotels.
Human Trafficking Awareness
  • BEST Printable Toolkit: This toolkit is available to download once someone completes our training. The toolkit includes indicator lists by lodging functions, prevention tips and printable resource cards for trafficking victims. The BEST Printable Toolkit also available in Spanish. 
  • ITT Project Outcomes: A document detailing the social change outcome of BEST's Inhospitable to Human Trafficking Training. 
Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation
This session will provide a detailed overview of human trafficking and its impact on children in particular. You will learn what it is, how it happens, and why it is so prevalent, as well as what makes certain groups more vulnerable to exploitation and how you can identify and respond to individuals in need. Experts will also discuss important red flags for hotel staff to help spot human trafficking.
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Human Trafficking,
Hotels, and COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the hospitality industry in many ways: reduced occupancy and staffing, changes to protocols and procedures, and contactless check-ins. While business has slowed, human trafficking remains an issue.
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Boys Are
Human Trafficking Victims, Too
Attention to commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in the U.S. has increased significantly over the past two decades. Understandably, most of the focus has been on commercially sexually exploited (CSE) girls. Conversely, CSE boys have registered as a barely visible blip on the radar.
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Impacts & Realities
of Human Trafficking Prevention
Learn more about human trafficking prevention and best practices, as well as online safety for your children during COVID-19. With many hotel rooms empty, traffickers have found new ways to exploit vulnerable populations
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Don't Give Danger a Keycard
to Your Property
As a hotel owner, there are a lot of people in your care. Keeping everyone safe is no easy task. Learn how to recognize and react to evidence of human trafficking, keep safe working conditions for guests and staff, and understand the benefits of knowing your local government officials.
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