2024 Policy
As the U.S. gears up for a major election year, the 118th Congress and state legislatures nationwide are convening for legislative sessions in 2024. From the Capitol to capitals coast to coast, learn more about how AAHOA engages with elected officials to protect the business interests of America’s hoteliers.
2024 Federal Policy Priorities
  • Further developing strategic relationships with the SBA to improve access to capital
  • Human trafficking awareness training and prevention
  • Pushing for liability protections from frivolous lawsuits
  • Returning and retaining the hospitality workforce in a competitive labor market
  • Tax reform including the preservation of:
    • IRC Section 1031 Like Kind Exchanges
    • Stepped-Up Basis
    • Section 199A Small Business Deductions
  • Credit card fees
  • Working with the Federal Trade Commission to address transparency issues related to franchise fees and OTA market dominance
2024 State and Local Policy Priorities
  • Address the homelessness crisis
  • Combatting unnecessary hoteltaxes
  • Human trafficking awareness training and prevention:
    • Promoting HTAT compliance, training, and engagement
    • Advocating for effective legislation at the state and local levels
  • Support lodging tax dollars only for tourism
  • Leveling the playing field with short-term rental platforms and online travel agencies
  • Clarifying and maintaining innkeeper/guest relationships
  • Pushing for liability protections
    • Protecting business owners from frivolous lawsuits while holding bad actors accountable
2024 AAHOA Policy Handbook
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