About HerOwnership
AAHOA's Third Annual HerOwnership event, September 12-13, 2024, in Redondo Beach CA, will focus on helping you elevate your career, determine your next steps, and inspire your journey.
Launched in 2022, the HerOwnership Conference & Retreat is dedicated to providing women in hospitality with the tools, knowledge, and connections they need to succeed in hotel ownership. It's created by women hoteliers, for women hoteliers, and it's all about building a stronger, more inclusive industry where women thrive.
Please stay tuned for more information about this year's HerOwnership Conference & Retreat.
#HerOwnership2024: What to Expect
Educational Insights
Personal Branding
And Much More!
Stay Tuned for the 2024 Agenda!
September 12-13, 2024
Redondo Beach, CA
Bonus Wellness Content
HerOwnership 2023 Masterclass: Building Your Brand, Defining Your Success, Shaping Your Future
Last year at AAHOA's HerOwnership Conference & Retreat, attendees dove into a transformative journey of personal branding excellence, mastering core principles, and crafting their unique identity.

Led by AAHOA EVP & CSO Heather Carnes, they uncovered strengths, conquered self-doubt, pinpointed their niche, and gained the skills to shape, promote, and evolve their brand.
🙌 Unique Content and Format
The 2024 HerOwnership Conference & Retreat will connect women hotel owners and aspiring hotel owners directly with some of the biggest and most recognized brands in the industry, to uncover what programs they’ve launched to uniquely support women in your ownership journey.
🧘‍♀️ Infused with Wellness
In the new HerHarmony segments, learn the ways that you can infuse wellness into your everyday life to balance the demands, prevent burnout, reduce stress, and create and find the balance between wellness and your career.
✨ Inspiring Panels
From ownership trends and opportunities, and panels on executive presence to financial mastery and effective communication and negotiation, the event is packed with content to help you learn about all the opportunities in the industry and how to navigate and create your own path to success.
🎉 Ample Networking
With networking breaks, luncheons, and more, the HerOwnership event will provide attendees with ample opportunities to connect, reconnect, and build incredible relationships that can help you expand your network and learn from women who are redefining what entrepreneurship looks like in our industry.
Learn Why Nearly
300 Attendees Joined Us Last Year
Inspiring and Empowering
Content for Women
Last year, at HerOwnership 2023 in Dallas, TX, attendees were honored to hear from Dr. Nissi Hamilton, a human trafficking survivor and CEO of non-profit Nissi's Network, where she works with communities to reduce human trafficking in high-risk areas of poverty. She touched and inspired the women in the room who heard her story of overcoming the unthinkable, and how it led to her becoming a philanthropist, business owner, and human trafficking awareness advocate.
*REGISTRATION OPENING SOON* Join Us for the 2024 HerOwnership Conference & Retreat
September 12 & 13
Redondo Beach, CA
  • Registration is FREE for AAHOA Member Hoteliers.
  • Sponsorship and speaking opportunities are available! Contact sales@aahoa.com to learn more.
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